Founded in 2003, IPM Executive Education Group has fast become one of the leading training providers in the industry. We attribute a large part of this success to our ability to identify and capitalise on key growth opportunities - ones often overlooked by our competitors.

I believe these successful endeavours will transform IPM Executive Education Group into a global player in the field of education. Our ongoing commitment to deliver the highest quality products and services, both efficiently and reliably, has greatly increased the confidence and satisfaction of our customers, partners, employees and stakeholders.

To be an industry leader means never being satisfied with the status quo. At Wise Education Group, we constantly seek ways to develop our business and distance ourselves from our competitors.

Utilising our years of experience and expertise in education, we are aggressively building our presence in the corporate consulting and training arena by offering fully customised workshops and services through IPM Executive Education Group. We have built the necessary foundation to establish ourselves as a key player in this market. We have recruited the best people and combined them with a superior product to deliver on our promises to develop and prepare your team.

I am always aware that our current and future success would not be possible without the continuous loyalty and trust of our customers. They are the driving force behind Wise Education Group and play an important role in our future.

I am certain that your ongoing support for IPM Executive Education Group will motivate us to overcome any challenges that lay ahead.

Thank you.

Khaled khallaf 


IPM Executive Education Group