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Farewelling The Elite Francophonic Women

Farewelling The Elite Francophonic Women

On August the 8th, IBDL held the closing ceremony of the five-session international conference titled "Regards croisés des femmes francophones Nord-Sud". The conference covered a variety of topics about Francophonie women, politics, economics, the media, education, health, and medicine. Gathering-up elite Egyptian, Arab, African, European and Francophonie figures, the conference shed light on the most successful achievements of women today, who participate eagerly in all areas of human activity.


Francophonie women particularly play a crucial role in the French-speaking communities and countries across five continents, where they struggle continuously in a world ruled by a web of infinite personal interests and conflicts.

Held in the Bibliotheca Alexandrina in Alexandria, Egypt, the conference featured a speech by Dr. Mohamed Galal - Head of French Department in IBDL. On his part, Dr. Galal weighed on in the vital role of the IBDL certificates in the economic empowerment of women in Africa.

Dr. Galal highlighted how over the years, IBDL has shown a great interest in developing women’s economic empowerment and capacity-building in the field of business and will gladly continue to do so.