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Frequently asked question

What is IBDL E-Learning?

E-Learning is simply an electronic learning based on the concept of bringing learning to people instead of bringing people to leaning. You can study whatever you like through your computer, Laptops, I- pad, or even your smart phone. Instead of having a teacher, you have power points slides explaining what you’re studying accompanied by a voice-over to make things easier for yourself. With E-Learning, you can study whatever you like, wherever you like, whenever you like!

Are the qualifications available in different languages?

Yes, IBDL qualifications are issued in three languages; English, Arabic, and French.

Is there a preparation course?

Yes, we have a preparation course. You’re free to choice between taking the preparation course in one of our accredited training centers by accredited trainers. Or if you’re a self-study-kind of person, then you can take the course all on your own with our E-Learning online.

How many qualifications does IBDL offer?

IBDL offers three major qualifications in business administration field:

  • IBDL Essential: Understanding Business.
  • IBDL Professional: Business Management and Planning.
  • IBDL Master: Business Leadership and Strategies "IBDL master.
How much does it cost to get IBDL qualifications?

To find out more about the fees to get IBDL certifications, please check the following link: 

Are there any perquisites to take the IBDL qualification?

No, we don’t have any required perquisites; anyone from any background could take the IBDL certifications. They’re suitable for everyone who is interested in gaining high skills in business.